After 18 months of covid restrictions, yesterday was our first live rehearsal as a trio. We are currently working up a set for October 2nd which will be our first live outing for the all electric ensemble. This is very different from playing the previous acoustic sets. One main difference is playing through the new Supro amps and using the Moses hardtail strat. The Comet has a 10 inch speaker, so it responds very differently to other amps I have used to date. By using the superb dude pedal its great to have such a simple set up, one guitar, one pedal and one amp! This is a far cry from previous days where I may I may have played up to five different instruments in one set!

The Moses Stratocaster has a Warmoth body and a graphite neck, which is pretty rare these days. I first came across graphite necks with Parker guitars and have always found them superb in terms of playability. The two single coil, one Tom Holmes humbucker configuration allows for a great range of tones that are perfect for the Heartache roots electric sound.

We’ll be rehearsing every two weeks up until October and deciding what best to include in the set. The challenge is that during covid I have written such a huge amount of material that I have to relearn many of the songs. This is a very different sound, and of course the debut single “Can’t Stop” is released June 4th.

First rehearsal for The Heartache

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