Working on two very different projects

I’m currently working on two very different projects, “Covering these tracks” which is the first time I have ever recorded material written by other artists and the second Heartache album. This means a huge amount of planning, organisation and time management to create the final products. Carl Rosamond remains my go to producer and I have a terrific ensemble of artists contributing to these projects.

The benefits of a superb home studio setup

In recent years I’ve increasingly appreciated the benefits of having a really great home studio setup and this has become central for all the recent and the forthcoming albums. I’ve invested in buying the best equiptment, including a number of excellent Austrian Audio mics, UAD Apollo interfaces, Synergy preamps and a stack of great tube amps from Supro, Fender, Marshall, Two Rock, Anderson, Egnater, Henriksen, Groove Tubes, Soldano and Mesa Boogie.

All the vocals are done using the Austrian Audio OC 818, which is in my view the best possible vocal mic. I have a permanent set up for recording with a giant 55 inch 4k monitor that is terrific for recording. I’m recording on an almost daily basis and during covid I devoted a great deal of time to using Reaper as a DAW which is perfect for recording.

Once I have locked down the vocals, I send the multi tracks over to Carl Rosamond at RRS Studios. He then sends the stems to other artists from all over the globe inlcuding Michael Ross from Nashville. Laurent Zeller from France and Towse from California. We’ve also recorded percussion and backing vocals live in the studio. Its a brilliant process that is proving highly effective in creating really excellent work.

Planning distribution and marketing

The recording, mixing and mastering is of course only part of the creative process. Next comes the challenge of planning distribution and marketing. This means radio promotion, social media promotion, hard copy magazine advertising, video creation and other mediums. I have a number of excellent professionals on retainers to assist with ensuring that there’s the very best quality for all released material on video and audio. This all requires a serious amount of financial and time investment. To date I’ve avoided crowdfunding and 100% funded everything myself with 100% ownership and control over the creative process.

The music “business” is like any other business

I come from a business background and these skills have been invaluable in figuring out the best ways to get my music to a wider audience. Despite what is taught in music schools and suggested on social media, the music “business” is like any other business and :music marketing” is like any other marketing. I find it hilarious that some aspiring artists complain that social media platforms won’t market their material for no charge and seem to forget that all such entities are business concerns and exist like any other business to make a profit!

I set up Green Eyed Records as a resource to share information about how to reach a wider public and in some instances to directly help fund other artists. Those who understand the concept of “creativity through collaboration” appreciate that in these tougher economic times, this is a better strategy for success. Green Eyed Records also sponsors live events and to date we have hosted Jon Gomm and Martin Simpson, two superb artists. This has allowed me to help showcase great support acts like Towse and my own ensembles to reach new audiences that would not previously been possible.