Music ensembles and solo work

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She’s Tough enough from the forthcoming album with Towse “All is fine ’til the world goes pop”

Grey Skies from The Grove Inn Leeds

Pink Moon from The Grove Leeds 


With One Finger from “Tales of Dark and Light”

“The Other Me” from The Caravan of Dreams debut album “Tales of Dark and Light”

Tales of Dark and Dark

Lullabies for Cynics with The Small Change Diaries

Promo for Adam blames Eve album by The Small Change Diaries

Birdman from the debut Small Change Diaries album Adam blames Eve

There’s Only One of You from The Small Change Diaries

Special thanks to all the people who have come out to see my bands over the years and all the musicians who have been involved in live performances. Special thanks to all of those who have assisted in video work and Carl Rosamond for audio production