When my two musical universes meet – Agi & Towse

Agi, Towse, Nick Cody

Yesterday was a fascinating day for many reasons. We were rehearsing for the April 26th showcase event in a new venue. This was a smart use of time as it immediately highlighted the need to tweak equiptment as well as the set list. The challenge with working with so many musicians and in this case two totally different sets, is to iron out any bumps in the road. However for me, the highlight was bringing together two people from my two “musical universes” Agi and Towse.

Two great artists and influences in one space

I’ve been working with Agi for over five and a half years and she has been crucuial in getting my vocals up to a decent standard. The early days were hilarious, where I for the first time discovered that learning to sing well, requires a great deal of application and Agi is one amazing tutor, always encouraging and crucially quite brilliant technically. She is also an amazing artist in her own right and will be playing with me for a rare Caravan of Dreams set next week.

Towse aka Grace Fellows has also been a massive influence in recent years and we’ve alreay recorded three albums, one set of originals with “All is fine ’til the world goes pop” and the two “Covering these tracks” albums. Grace is also a superb artist and we’ve become good friends. Her partner Corwin is a mindblowing musician and who has become central to the recent releases.

Having both Towse and Agi in the same space at the same time was a real treat and we’ll be playing a few songs with the three of us. I feel blessed to know such talented artists and both have made me up my game massively. The world is a better place for such talent and next Fri April 26th promises to be really special.

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