Nick Cody – Music plans for 2024

I’m currently planning live events and album releases for 2024. This means a great deal of organisation. I’ve long learned that strategic planning and collboration are crucial if you want to get your music heard. This means consistant activity on many fronts and a lot of time and financial investment.

Covering these tracks volume II

Covering these Tracks Vol II

We are currently working on the second “Covering these tracks” albums, which will feature tracks by Nick Cave, Joni Mitchell, Bruce Springsteen, Fred Eaglesmith, Steve Earle and others. The tracks will continue to be guitar from Harry Orme, Corwin Zekley on violin and myself and Towse on vocals.

I know these tracks really well, but recording them gives a totally new insight into how these songwriters work which is truly fascinating. With Bruce Springsteen I notice how he has a great focus on rhythm and telling stories. Stepping into the world of Joni Mitchell is only for the brave and bold, again a really magical experience. The recording strategy is the same, Harry lays down guitar, I record vocals in my studio, the files then go to my producer Carl. He then sends them to Towse. Once we get those back we do a mix and send to Corwin and then do a final mix and master! The album will be distributed via Green Eyed Records.

Big 2024 promotion with Rock & Reel magazine

Starting in January we’ll be in every issue of Rock and Reel and on every CD for every issue. The first track and first single off the album will be Nick Cave’s “Nobody’s Baby Now” which is already mastered, released on Valentine’s Day. There will also be a video for the single created by Mal Williamson.

“Covering these tracks” vol II will be released early April with a live show on April 26th in the UK. The show will feature all those involved in recording the album, plus special guests. Tickets will be available from January

Live show in Japan?

I am also looking at playing a live show in Osaka in 2024, more details soon!

Nick Cody in Japan