Code E1

During covid I started a new project under the name “Code E1” with Black Star Liner.

My producer Carl Rosamond agreed to Black Star Liner remixing one of my tracks “Your chosen one is coming”

I didn’t know what to expect and when I got back the remix I was blown away by the end result. Its radically different to anything I have done before, more like Stones Roses meets Talking Heads! Black Star Liner was favoured by John Peel back in the day and also nominated for a Mercury Music Award. BST is known for creating fantastic captivating beats and I’m super happy with the remixes.

Here’s the video of the first track below

There will be an album “Year of the Bat Cat” released in May 2023 with the fantastic Bat Cat graphic created by Sarah Patrick.

The first single will be “Nothing here sounds good” which is a great pop song. The Code E1 material will be released via Green Eyed Records on all digital platforms as well as a physical product. We originally recorded 34 tracks and picked 10 for the final album. This is a fascinating project with a massive sonic range of diverse material and in my opinion is the most commercial music I have released to date.

During the covid period BST would send over tracks each week and I was always fascinated by what would turn up. What I love about this remix project is that I never knew what would appear my end. This is also a great example of creativity through collaboration which of course is the central ethos of Green Eyed Records.

The Year of the Bat Cat – available on Bandcamp & all digital platforms

What people are saying about Code E1

“Wonderfully innovative and explorative. Packed full of strong melodies and ideas.  Exciting and unpredictable.” 

                                                                                         Jim Glennie (founder member of James)

“I love the output from this band!”

                                                                                                         Phil Crowder on Sheppey FM

“Nothing here sounds good from the UK-based Code E1 is a magnificent song for all the right reasons. Guiding us through the plastic of the world and leading us towards an honest story, which will stun many and have others in the music scene nodding their head. Sung with an experienced tone which shall warm all awaiting ears, to show us what reality looks like!”

A and R Music

“The Year of the Bat Cat is an album that is both innovative and explorative, packed full of strong melodies and ideas, an exciting and unpredictable album that is sure to please fans of a variety of genres.”

Hail Tunes

‘”Year Of The Bat Cat’ is an album that benefits from being enjoyed in one sitting so turn the lights down and the volume up!”

FV Music Blog

“With “Year Of The Bat Cat,” CODE E1 demonstrates their musical prowess, delivering an album that defies genre categorization. Through the fusion of haunting melodies and infectious electronic beats, CODE E1 invites listeners on an immersive sonic journey. This debut release signifies the emergence of a promising voice in the music scene, as CODE E1 reshapes the future of genre evolution with their innovative and unpredictable approach.”

Sono Music

“There’s such diversity within the compositions across this album, a sure-fire whirlwind of styles that combine into so many different expressions and soundscapes that thrive on their diversity and sonic imagination.”

Find no enemy

“Throughout this album, you will find powerful vocals, meaningful lyrics, and melodies that will make you feel the moment that music makes us forget about the world for an instant.”

Indie Rock News

“This beautiful album is a shining example of the ingenious use of electronic music. The songs possess a supernatural quality. CODE E1 used an irremediable electronic propensity that drives the narrative gradually. “Year Of The Bat Cat” is an absolute joy for the ears. You should definitely listen to it!”

Iggy Magazine

I recently discovered the project CODE E1, created by musician Nick Cody. The band has a definite indie rock sound, but it also has elements of new wave, rock and folk thrown in for good measure, making for one awesome mixture altogether!

York Calling

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