RIP Boo Sutcliffe

I was sorry to hear about the passing of Boo Sutcliffe. I knew in recent years that he has been seriously unwell and we ‘d had a number of interactions via messenger and by phone. He also was recording a new album with my producer Carl Rosamond who I recommended. Carl always commented on what a nice guy Boo was and how he was very clear about what he wanted in terms of recording.

Even when he was seriously unwell, one of the things I admired most about Boo, was there there were no big announcements on social media about his situation to galvanise sympathy and to get attention, he just quietly got on with his work. I used to joke on FB that “Boo Mania” was going to hit the UK and he always reminded me of David Bowie. Despite being seriously unwell he still managed to record some superb new music and of course the production is also excellent.

During covid I asked a number of artists to contribute to the “Songs of Hope” series of episodes that we put out on “Music for the Head and Heart” platform. Boo contributed a great version of Bowie’s “Heroes.” I can think of no more fitting track to post here and wherever you are in the cosmos, “Boo, I raise a glass to you!”

He is survived by his partner Ruth who posted

My beautiful Boo died at home on Friday morning (22nd December) – with absolute dignity and held in love. It was the most natural and peaceful thing. His music is the best possible legacy and I am so grateful for it.

RIP Boo 1964 – 2023