Work on the “All kinds of crazy” collaborations album is going really well. In total twelve tracks are planned with guest artists across the globe, including Towse from the USA, Emily Mercer from the UK, Laurent Zeller from France and Captain of the Lost Waves, Sharon Cannings and Ella Playford from the UK. There will be black and white videos for each track created by Nick Bloomfield, with four videos already “in the vault”

This a very different album, very stripped back and unlike anything else I have done to date. Its a very reflective piece of work and I’m extremely pleased with how its turning out. The instrumentation is also very different with a lot more piano than has appeared in the other albums to date.

The combination of artists is quite fascinating and I am truly grateful to be working with so many talented artists across the globe. Each of them bring something really special to this project. Carl Rosamond is doing sound production and the release date is planned for the end of the year.

“All kinds of crazy” collaborations album

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