In setting up Music for the Head and Heart and Original Ukulele Songs platforms, I have increasingly pondered on the power of reciprocation in music and between artists. I have always had the policy of sharing opportunities and resources and this in my view brings a new energy and positivity to artists. Both these platforms are 100% free for artists and are essentially free advertising. I’m happy to fund the websites, video recording and editing and social media promotions as its for the love of music and the world is a better place for such expressions.

When I set up OUS, some artists immediately spread the word about the platform and really demonstrated the power of reciprocation in music, while others were happy to have a presence on the main site while others would endlessly post on the FB page but never engage in any discussion or promote the resource. Others would try to copy the idea and set up their own version! Let me be clear, I have no problem with people making their own choices and in some ways imitation is truly the best form of flattery. That said, I have the absolute belief on the power of reciprocation in music and between artists.

Music for The Head and Heart is now live

Music for The Head and Heart is all about the power of reciprocation in music and between artists. After my experience with OUS, I have made this an invitation only platform. The invites can come from MHH team or from artists who appear on the platform. I’m keen that unlike OUS this does not become one way traffic!

Creating this platform is a huge amount of work and myself and the team have been involved in this for 18 months already. There’s a financial investment, but also a big time investment to make this possible. I’m always looking at artists who appreciate the importance of positive reciprocation so everyone benefits. In return I’ve shared all manner of resources I have with such artists and then we all benefit collectively.

Group Momentum for Musical Expression

I blogged recently about “The quick and the dead” where some artists immediately spot and seize opportunities and some just don’t get the whole concept. Again its up to each person to decide what works best for them and its 100% fine to agree to disagree. That ensures a variety of creative expression, but I’m amazed at how some artists spectacularly fail to seize really great opportunities that are right in front of them. I employ my two strikes and retire policy I previously blogged about where I simply stop offering opportunities as with respect I prefer to work with like minds.

I’m working with a few people at present who are extraordinary in networking and collaborations. All of these artists maintain their own unique voice and are wonderfully opinionated in the best possible way, but crucially they also see the value of the power of reciprocation in music and they are all doing brilliantly.

Final Thoughts

I’ve learned that the best way to work is to connect with like minds. When I say “like minds” we may have different thoughts, but we are collectively more interested in the end results that any individual idea. In my non musical world (the one that pays the bills) I teach my communication model in 14 different countries and the heart of this success has come from working in this way. In my musical life its an absolute joy to meet so many creative types with their own unique musical voices. The world is a far better place for such people which inspire, provoke and entertain.

Below is a poster from last year which is a great example of collaborations. I’ll be back this year to meet up with many artists in Japan and to film for the new platform.

The Power of Reciprocation in Music

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