Tales of Dark and Light now has 14 mastered songs, but I’m still writing and there are more potential songs to be recorded. The two most obvious standout tracks are “Sticks and Stones” and “Gather Round” Both of these are up tempo tracks and really showcase the brilliant rhythm section in The Caravan of Dreams. I may have to rethink what appears on the album as the 14 existing tracks already make up 49.49 minutes of material!

The Caravan of Dreams sound is also starting to become more apparent and quite different to what I have written for previous bands. There’s a real swing to many of the songs and the lyrics are often a lot darker than anything I have written before. Here’s a verse from “Gather Round”

Old fashioned justice, old fashioned thoughts,
Hangings in the morning, we’ve no need for courts,
Apology for a husband, brat bitch for a wife
Kisses in chaos, for a wasted life

The plan is to go back in the studio in Feb and then have promo copies of the album ready for March with the formal release party May 11th.


The Songs Keep Coming

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