In recent years, I’ve realised that regardless of how good your music is, unless you have the right creative team in place, its probably never going to sound great, and/or reach a wider audience beyond friends and a few fans.

The challenge is to find people you can work with and to work within an affordable budget. Its easy to burn a huge amount of money and time and get very poor results. I’ve blogged on the value of getting a great producer here and without a great producer, your music will in my view have very limited appeal. Yes, there can be different ideas on what “great sound” can be, but there are key ingredients that will always be in place if a track is going to draw attention. Great producers will be in demand and its crucial to find somebody with both the technical skills, but also somebody you get on with and can work with.

The devil’s in the detail

Once you have the production sorted, there are a host of other considerations, including covering the following tasks

Digital distribution

Physical product pressing


Illustration and layouts

Radio promotion

Social media promotion

Video production

Its taken some time to find people who can fulfil all these functions. An artist can do some of these tasks, but I’ve found that employing a specialist will always produce a much better result. Yes it may cost financially, but it will save a huge amount of time. Crucially the end result looks much better and my philosophy is always ” play the long game” as you never get a second chance to create a first impression”

My next single will be “She’s Tough Enough” which is a collaboration with Towse from the USA, and released on March 11th. The full album “All is fine till the world goes pop” will be out later this year

Building a creative team for music distribution

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