I’ve been involved in many discussions about how many music venues are closing down and it seems that less and less people are supporting live music. A recent Guardian article noted

“The UK’s rapidly changing live music scene. In January 2018, industry body UK Music estimated that 35% of venues across the country had closed in the preceding decade. The UK’s first live music census, published the following month, found that a third of Britain’s small venues outside London were fighting to survive in the face of high business rates and noise restrictions.”

I’ve seen some amazing signed artists that have attracted tiny audiences. I saw the brilliant Fred Eaglesmith play a local venue in Leeds and only 12 people showed up including myself and my wife. In San Francisco once I saw a brilliant trio where again almost nobody showed up.

My own experience is that less and less people are going out to hear bands play unless they are major bands and then such bands often play in huge arenas which are not to my taste. I’m working on the Music for Head and Heart Project that launches later this year in the hope we can reverse some of this trend. I love to see great musicians play live but ultimately unless the public vote with their feet, the venues will continue to disappear.

Again from the Guardian article

” Independent music spots help give cities their identity but are disappearing at a worrying rate, says Cardiff-based campaigner Daniel Minty, who runs agig guide in the Welsh capital. “We’re just going to be full of Prets and Greggs,” he said. “Bands do start at the very bottom, and people forget that.”

Full article HERE

I’ve seen many fantastic performers over the decades, but the number of venues and audience sizes seem to be getting smaller and smaller which is in my view a real shame.

Supporting Live Music

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