On my latest visit to Ukulele Mania in Tokyo I once again picked up an instrument I would never previously have considered buying. Dean who runs the store is a big National fan, but I never really got the attraction, until now…

This national concert ukulele is pretty rare and sounds very different to everything else I have played. National stopped making these a few years ago and I can’t find any online which is unusual. I love it and here are some photos with apologies to my good friend Phil Doleman who would have I suspect wrestled me to the ground to get this ukulele! Its a very different sound to anything else that I own and this national concert ukulele is quite fascinating. It is especially great for playing in a blues style and I am already thinking of Small Change Diaries tracks that would work well with this ukulele.

national 6 national concert ukulele national 3 national concert ukulele national 1

This is definitely going to be used in the studio and is one sweet instrument!

Here’s the original video made by Dean in Tokyo


National concert ukulele

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