martin simpsonYesterday I spent the morning interviewing Martin Simpson on playing the ukulele and the art of songwriting. This was a mind-blowing interview where Martin talked extensively about the need for great care in creating music. Many know him for his guitar playing and banjo work, BUT having known him personally for many years I can confirm that he is a brilliant musician who plays all manner of instruments including the ukulele.

Take a listen to “horn island” on “Righteousness and Humidity” which has the most extraordinary ukulele playing and showcases exactly how the instrument can express such sonic beauty way beyond traditional strumming! The article will appear in a future issue of Uke Magazine and I videoed the who interview which included some extraordinary playing! Martin also talked about how “limitation” in terms of an instrument can be the very thing that inspires the most amazing creativity. Martin is a major influence on my own songwriting and playing for The Small Change Diaries.  This interview will be an excellent addition to the magazine which is fast becoming the must read ukulele magazine for all of us!

Ukulele Talk with Martin Simpson

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