Blink and a year  has passed, here we are in 2016! This is going to be a busy year on a musical front with The Small Change Diaries as well as on a personal level! The band have already recorded 3 great tracks for the second album, which in my view are the best yet! I have already signed off on two more articles for the excellent Uke Magazine, one on the Original Ukulele Songs initiative that now has over 840 subscribers on the FB page and another on Fire Eye Development preamps from Austin Texas!

I will also continue writing and have a number of overseas trips planned, including two trips to New York between now and March as well as visits to Tokyo and Austin Texas in the second half of the year. The band have a wealth of material to record, so we are scheduling sessions throughout the year, so this is all done at a sensible pace! I inevitably have a number of new instruments appearing including a Pete Howlett uke, a Shimo Comet 3, a mandola from Stefan Sobell and another dulcimer from Kevin Jones in Austin!

I’ll be spending a fair bit of time writing new material as well as rehearsing with the band. Its a genuine pleasure to work with such superb musicians. Max Wooton has done some amazing new artwork for the second album “Lullabies for Cynics” and this will be unveiled later in the year. I also plan to record a protest songs EP with the band if we can schedule time!

Best Wishes to Everyone and whatever your choice of instrument may be

Nick Cody

Nick Cody


Welcome to 2016

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