Supro Amps

I recently came across Supro amps and have been really impressed by how great they sound. To date I’ve been a big tube amp fan for playing electric guitars, but in previous years have mostly played live and recorded with acoustic instruments and am a big fan of Henriksens. The Supro amps remind me a bit of classic Fender amps, but with a twist. The first one I bought was a Comet which is a combo with a ten inch speaker. The Supro Comet can operate at 14 watts or 6 watts. This produces a really unique sound, especially with the classic Supro tremelo and all analogue reverb. This is the first time I’ve played a combo with a ten inch speaker and I’m really loving the sound. I also like the simplicity of the amp, very old school.

Supro comet

The second Supro I bought is the Royal Reverb. This is a real beast of an amp weighing in at 56 pounds. It has two ten inch speakers and the ability to play at 25 – 60 watts, so no problem with sonic headroom. In the age of digital amps and modelling, I still love analogue gear. The royal reverb will be great when Nick Cody & The Heartache start to play live gigs. There’s something really great about these classic units and the simplicity of plugging a guitar straight into a one channel amp with the brilliant Rocket Dude pedal to add that Larry Carlton sound

supro guitar amps