Next Saturday I am hosting the launch of the Music for Head and Heart platform. I’ve spent the last two years working on this and the platform consists of two main ingredients. The first is interviewing artists for the platform, where they can talk about their creative process as well as performing some of their material.

To date we have over two dozen artists from all over the globe “in the vault” and over a dozen are live on the main site –

This has and continues to be a fascinating and inspiring project. I originally tried out a beta tester for this platform with but I realised I needed to create something on a bigger scale and more musically inclusive. I chose the name “Music for the Head and Heart” to suggest that the platform is about music that makes you think and moves you emotionally.

The spirit of collaboration

I’ve always been a big fan of collaboration and in my non musical other life this philosophy has literally helped me establish my trainings literally all over the globe. In the music world I have often blogged on the benefits of working with like minds and sharing resources. Not everyone gets this of course and some artists are pretty self obsessed and don’t appreciate the value of working with others to create a bigger dynamic.

Special thanks to my good friend Martin Simpson for agreeing to be interviewed for Music for the Head and Heart. Martin is a brilliant seasoned performer already and its gracious of him to be here. Later this year we’ll be unveiling other well known established artists as well as many newer less known performers.

Live performances

As well as the main website, I’m running a series of showcase evenings of artists playing live. The first evening is October 26th which will feature Captain of the Lost Waves, Miranda Arieh, Emily Mercer, and Behla Hutchinson. All four of these artists are superb musicians and great entertainers and its going to be one superb evening. Tickets are available here

There will be a second live evening, early 2020 which will feature more artists who have recorded for the platform.

The Music for the Head & Heart launch Oct 26th

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