I saw this photo on social media and it provoked me to ponder the nature of music competitions and my thoughts on such activities.

I have had some people online suggest that with the OUS online platform I start competitions to encourage artists. I’ve always been really wary of this as in many niche music concerns, competitions seem to accelerate the status seeking behaviours which eclipse any focus on musical creation. Instead there’s an almost obsessive drive to be “biggest” and “best” which of course is always totally subjective. I’m sure there are many very healthy music competitions but these often bring out the very worst behaviour, especially when individuals claim to be ‘award winners”

Of course many music competitions are hugely biased or rigged from the outset, which makes such activities equally meaningless. In some niche music concerns there’s a mutual congratulation behaviour where social favors trump any genuine musical creativity. I have also heard on very good authority of artists approached to be on TV shows and guaranteed pre any auditions that they would make it into the final group of artists.

I fully appreciate that I may be in a minority with this view and clearly many people salivate at the idea of joining a music competition, but as of now I totally agree with Bela and no promises of free instruments, or cash persuades me otherwise…

Why I’m not a fan of music competitions

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