I’m now in full preparation for the May 11 album launch for The Caravan of Dreams “Tales of Dark and Light” album. This is a monumental amount of work which involves hours on social media, organizing a photo shoot, planning warm up gigs and rehearsals and costing the whole process!

I’m a big fan of making sure everything is of the highest quality and previously I organised the album launch for The Small Change Diaries “Lullabies for Cynics”. That launch was a massive amount of work where I had three support acts 175 attendees and a huge space for the live work. I also had the major challenge of our longstanding double bass player being seriously unwell and Dave Bowie saved our necks at the last minute by stepping in.

The May 11th launch will be a ticket only event where attendees will receive a copy of the new album, released on the day.

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Trouble at Mill are organizing the event again and they have years of experience in providing superb entertainment for the public. Ahead of the launch we have a few low key gigs to work up the new Caravan of Dreams material. This means lots of rehearsals and that means a great deal of time management! I semi jokingly comment “Thank god we are not a 12 piece band”  as its a challenge to be able to get everyone in the same time and space to practice.

I have a policy of paying all band members for rehearsal time as I have the greatest respect for anyone working as a musician. This means lots of practical considerations for costing and to wonderfully quote Blackadder “Sometimes I feel like a penguin. Everywhere I look, there’s a bill in front of me!”

That said, I really wouldn’t have it any other way and its an absolute joy to play with such talented musicians. I am also flattered to already see some good ticket sales for May 11th and never take for granted those who come to see us play live.

Preparing for May 11 Album Launch

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