Working on the BIG project

Since May this year I’ve been working on what I call “The BIG project” and its now starting to take shape.

I set up The Original Ukulele Songs platform as a beta tester for something much bigger. OUS will continue on FB and in the background but its obvious to me that the ukulele or any other niche musical interest is too limiting in terms of reaching a much wider musical public. My primary interest has always been about “music” rather than which instrument is being used to play it and the bigger project won’t be limited to any specific instrument or musical style.

Unlike OUS, the bigger platform will be by invitation and recommendation only. There will be an online artist presence as well as an educational element and live playing opportunities. This means a lot of organisation which in turn means extensive time and financial committments. The OUS platform has highlighted some useful considerations for what happens with the new project, especially in terms of technology and time management.

I’m also keen to engage with artists where there is good reciprication in terms of support and this is why we are looking at a different model for the bigger platform. I say “we” because I have enlisted a number of people who will assist with this initiative. These are mostly performers and video tech folks as I need good musical and technical support to make this all happen.

More news will be forthcoming later this year and as with all sucessful projects its of course all about the attention to detail.