I just received a mix of “When the pain begins” with the violin part from Laurent who is based in France. His sound has become a key part of this album and sits perfectly with the vocals and other instruments. This is proving to be a very different album in many ways and a lot of the material is very stripped back to just piano and vocals and/or ukulele vocals and violin. Carl Rosamond producing this material and is doing a superb job as usual. I’m playing a variety of instruments including a Pete Howlett Tenor ukulele and my old go to uke, the Shimo Comet 3 that features on so many recordings.

We are back in the studio later this month to record a new track “The Other Me” and then back with Laurent flying in from France and other guest musicians for mid April to record more tracks including an instrumental. My plan is to release this alongside the announcement of the big musical project, which will be back end of 2018 or early 2019. Its an absolute joy to be writing and recording original material with such superb musicians.

More progress on “Tales of Dark and Light”

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