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jake 1I am delighted that the interviews I did with Jake Shimabukuro and Bill Collings are both now in the latest issue of Uke Magazine! It was a real pleasure to interview both these guys who had amazing stories to tell! You can get your copy from here

This is turning out to be a terrific magazine and I am writing two new articles for the next issue in Feb 2016. My hope is that this UK based magazine will reach a wider audience than the traditional “ukulele community” and more people will discover how this amazing instrument can be used to create such a wide range of great music

New Facebook site for Original Ukulele Songs

Four weeks ago I set up a new FB site for original ukulele songs. To date we have over 400 likes and some amazing material is being posted there!. This is the first phase of a much bigger project that focusses on creating original music. I love cover versions, BUT of course without original music there would be no cover versions! Take a look and if you are a writer and performer please feel free to post material there!

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Jake and Bill Collings interviews now in print and more news!

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