Over X Mas I finally had the chance to watch and listen to “Springsteen on Broadway”. I’ve been a big fan of Bruce’s work since I bought “Born to Run” in 1975. His autobiography is a wonderful testament to his brilliant storytelling and work ethic. I bought the audiobook version and found his story absolutely captivating and I had no problem in listening to his story for hours.

Over the decades he has written many superb songs and crucially is always on the move, never sticking to one group of musicians or specific style. He periodically would revert to the classic E Street band ensemble, but I have come to love his solo appearances.
He is also a brilliant businessman and enthusiasts can obtain many of his gigs dating back to the 1970s on CD and many digital formats including high end DSD format. Almost nobody else takes this amount of care to deliver so much material to a fan base. In my view the sign of a great artist is one who can sing his or her material stripped back to a single instrument. On Springsteen on Broadway, this is exactly what you get, pure magic and entertainment at its very best.

In an era of belief in instant fame, its inspiring still hear artists who have spent years crafting songs with an interest in great lyrics and melody.

Bruce Springsteen

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